Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Ultimate Hypocrisy

E3 the largest video game expo in the world is clamping down on scantily clad booth babes. Officially they are "enforcing rules that have been in place for years." They will give out $5000 fines on the spot according to E3 officials. So, even though the show is restricted to those of 18 years of age or higher and even though probably more than half the games on the show floor are showing some kind of soft core p0rn (the other half are showing hard core p0rn), they want to control the modesty of the handful of booth babes at the show each year. Seems awfully hypocritical to me.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Ode to PC (political correctness)

This world map is guaranteed to offend just about everyone but Republican world builders. I would have said everyone but Americans but I'm sure liberal Dems would find something offensive in this. They seem to be offended by everything but Hollywood these days.

Thanks to HockeyGuyfor the pic

Friday, January 20, 2006

two more wishes

Well, in my last post I verbalized a wish that my washing machine could email me when it was done. I must have rubbed a magic lamp and used up one of my three wishes. There is not only one company that can make my wish come true but there are two! Sweeeeet!

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Random Thoughts

Snow is very white
Key is a funny word "key key key" doesn't it sound funny?
No one is blogging
Why are pennies a different color than all other coins?
My dog snores.
Whoever invented HTML should die a horrible death.
I think my washing machine should email me when it's done.
Spammers must think I have a short term memory problem.
Spammers should be forced to eat 4 pounds of Spam at one sitting for their crimes.
I think that snow shovels were invented by someone who lives in Hawaii.
I'm glad my dog cannot talk.
Sometimes I wish my kids couldn't talk. Sit Shelby! Good girl!

More winter fun

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Turin or Torino

If you've been wondering about this like I have, I finally have a definitive answer. Is this years host city of the Winter Olympics called Turin or Torino? Well, both are correct. Turin is the official 'anglicized' translation of the actual Italian word/name Torino. So, if you want to be 100% correct and use the Italian name then Torino is for you. If you want to be hip with most of the media then you will follow their style guides and use the official anglicized word Turin. Here is an article that will probably explain it better than I did.

Another nail in the coffin

I'm kind of depressed this morning. I just finished reading a little about the atrocity that was the Golden Globe awards held last night in La la land. I watched another report about it this morning on the Today show. I am thoroughly disgusted. There is so much bad, evil and valueless stuff going on in this world. Where is the good? It's too bad that I have to search for the good and the bad is everywhere and is everpresent. The top awards last night went to films about two gay cowboys, a transvestite and a gay author. Someone drop a bomb on Hollywood now. Please. Maybe God's next target after The Big Easy should be Hollywood. Let my family escape first though, they live a little too close for comfort. And, on that thread I worry about them being sucked in to the garbage and that way of thinking that is so destructive. They are good people so I trust they can find their way out of it all. But, I still worry.
Along the same lines, I received this article this morning that is also about the downfall of the entertainment industry. This deals with music. It's true and it's sad.

!!!Warning!!! There are some graphic lyrics in this article


QUESTION: Can you illustrate your concerns about the lyrics of contemporary teen music, especially as they relate to attitudes toward parents?

DR. DOBSON: It might be helpful to see how popular music has changed over the years.

Let's go back to 1953, when the most popular song in the United States was sung by Eddie Fisher and was titled "Oh, My Papa." Here's a portion of the lyrics:

Oh, my papa, to me he was so wonderful

Oh, my papa, to me he was so good.

No one could be so gentle and so lovable,

Oh, my papa, he always understood.

Gone are the days when he would take me on his knee

And with a smile he'd change my tears to laughter.

Deep in my heart I miss him so today,

Oh, my papa. Oh, my papa.

That sentimental song accurately reflected the way many people felt about their fathers at that time in our history. Oh sure, there were conflicts and disagreements, but family was family. When it was all said and done, parents were entitled to respect and loyalty.

By the time I had reached college age, things were starting to change. The subject of conflict between parents and teenagers began to appear as a common theme in artistic creations. The movie "Rebel Without a Cause" featured a screen idol named James Dean who seethed with anger at his "old man." Marlon Brando starred in "The Wild One," another movie with rebellion as its theme. Rock 'n' roll music portrayed it, too.

But what began as engaging drama turned decidedly bitter in the late '60s. Everyone in those days was talking about the "generation gap" that had erupted between young people and their parents. Teenagers and college students vowed they'd never again trust anyone over 30, and their anger toward parents began to percolate. The Doors released a song in 1967 entitled "The End," in which lead singer Jim Morrison fantasized about killing his father.

In 1984, Twisted Sister released "We're Not Gonna Take It," which referred to a father as a "disgusting slob" who was "worthless and weak." Then he was blasted out the window of a second-story apartment. This theme of killing parents showed up regularly in the decade that followed. A group called Suicidal Tendencies released a recording in 1983 called, "I Saw Your Mommy." Here is an excerpt of the gory lyrics:

I saw your mommy and your mommy's dead.

I watched her as she bled,

Chewed-off toes on her chopped-off feet.

I took a picture because I thought it was neat.

I saw your mommy, and your mommy's dead.

I saw her lying in a pool of red;

I think it's the greatest thing I'll ever see --

Your dead mommy lying in front of me

For sheer depravity, nothing yet produced can match "Momma's Gotta Die Tonight," by Ice-T and Body Count. Most of the lyrics are unfit to quote here, but they involved graphic descriptions of the rapper's mother being burned in her bed, then beaten to death with a baseball bat she had given him as a present, and finally the mutilation of the corpse into "little-bitty pieces." What incredible violence!

There was not a hint of guilt or remorse expressed by the rapper while telling us of this murder. In fact, he called his mother a "racist b----," and laughed while chanting, "Burn, Mama, burn."

My point is that the most popular music of our culture went from the inspiration of "Oh, My Papa" to the horrors of "Momma's Gotta Die Tonight" in scarcely more than a generation. The younger generation has been bombarded with more anti-family rhetoric than any that preceded it. When added to equally disturbing messages about drug usage, sex and violence against women, the impact has to be considered formidable.

MTV, which promotes the worst stuff available, is telecast into 231 million households in 75 countries, more than any other cable network. I believe many of the problems that plague this generation, from suicide to unwed pregnancy to murder, can be traced to the venom dripped into its veins by the entertainment industry in general.

One of the consequences of this shift in the popular culture is a generation that sees itself and its elders less respectfully than the generations who have preceded them. There are still millions of responsible and respectful teenagers out there, of course, but the culture in which they are growing up has changed -- for the worse.
Dr. Dobson is founder and chairman of the board of the nonprofit organization Focus on the Family,
P.O. Box 444, Colorado Springs
, CO. 80903; or www.family.org. Questions and answers are excerpted from "The Complete Marriage and Family Home Reference Guide," published by Tyndale House.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Big Love Big Mess

HBO has a new miniseries. It's called Big Love and it's about a polygamous family living in Sandy Utah. It stars among others, Bill Paxton and Jeanne Tripplehorn. Bill Paxton is the 'husband' of three wives living in 3 houses side by side in Sandy Utah a suburb of Salt Lake City. The article that talks about this covers a lot of ground about polygamy not being part of the Mormon church and that is not what the series is about.
So what is it about? Sex for one. The rest is lost in Hollywood doublespeak.
So, why am I writing about this. Well, first of all I think it's ridiculous to make a television series about polygamy. Second, I'm disappointed in Bill Paxton for being a part of it. And, C, I don't get what could possibly be interesting about a polygamous family living in Sandy Utah. I have personally been around the 'real' poly families of Salt Lake County most of my life and I can tell you Bill Paxton and these three ladies don't in any way represent what I know and see around town as a polygamous family.
What's my point? My point is that I think Hollywood has lost all creativity. Or they are quickly losing it at any rate. They're making films about gay cowboys and now polygamous families. Why? Because it's interesting? It's entertaining? I personally don't think so. And, I really have to question anyone that does find these things interesting.

Tuesday, January 10, 2006

iMac of the apocalypse

The iMac of the Apocalypse has come. I had my parka and long johns on while reading the webcast of Steve Jobs' MacWorld keynote address today just in case hell did indeed freeze over. It didn't. Just another bit of evidence that my expectations in life are way off target. I would have never predicted this. An intel chip in a Macintosh computer. Well, it looks the same and behaves the same as previous Macs and they are reported to be several times faster. Nothing to excite me just yet. Maybe when the new tower machines come out later this year I can get jealous and excited again. This is the first MacWorld in several years and maybe even ever that I am not salivating over something Steve showed in the keynote. Just as well, I can save my money.
I do feel sorry however for those that just bought iMac G5's for Christmas. That's gotta hurt!

Sunday, January 08, 2006

Drama drama drama

A Salt Lake City movie theatre chain changed plans Friday and decided not to show 'Brokeback Mountain' a gay cowboy western.
Of course now it is making national headlines. "Utah theatre refuses to show gay cowboy movie". Now, people are getting their knickers in a twist over this. It's not the first time a movie theatre has refused to show a film and it won't be the last. I for one am happy that someone at Larry Miller Group, the group that owns and runs the theatres, had the guts to make the call. They should have never agreed to carry the film in the first place. From what I've read and from what I've seen in previews etc. this film has no business ever being shown. It's trash and it's disgusting. Oh, and it's destined to get an Oscar nomination you just wait and see. IF that happens this will be the first year that I will boycott watching the Oscars. Just one more piece of evidence that the world is going to hell in a handbasket and Hollywood is leading the way.
Oh, and one more thing. I never did think much of Heath Ledger but I did have some respect for Jake Gyllenhaal from the first time I saw him in 'October Sky'. I have lost all respect for him now.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Winter fun

I miss Calvin and Hobbes...

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

I Object

Finally we will have some closure!
It seems an Italian court of law will soon decide whether Christ really existed or not. Why didn't someone think of this sooner? I am so relieved. I can't wait for the video/press release of the decision so I can blast all my atheist friends. Hah! Take that!
I mean come on, if an Italian court says he existed then who are we to argue?
No, really, this is serious. Some Italian guy is suing some other Italian guy to force him to prove that Christ existed. This guy says he has proof that Christ is a fake and was based on some other guy. Yeah, whatever. If you want to read the details about this real case click here.

Rose the wonder frog

Happy Birthday to Rose the wonder frog!
Yes, this is the same frog Shelby and cousins came home from the town festival with back in July. We were sure that she (actually we're not sure if it's a he or a she. how do you tell anyway?) wouldn't make it a day or two and here we are 6 months later. So it's time to celebrate. KJ gave Shelby some frog acoutrements for the little aquarium that Rose lives in for Christmas. Quite the upgrade. From nothing to colored rocks and a fake plant.

Monday, January 02, 2006

movie bonanza

My holiday movie bonanza is over.
Before Christmas I was too busy shipping orders and preparing for the holiday to see more than Narnia with the family.
Now that Christmas is past I went into hypermoviedrive and knocked out a few that I had been wanting to see. Here is the summary:

King Kong
I already posted about this 'buggy' movie
RESULT: Stinker

Memoirs of a Geisha
Beautiful enchanting movie. I have a soft spot for anything Japanese so this may bias me. I haven't read the book so there was nothing to ruin it for me. I loved it. Can't wait to see it again.
RESULT: Entertainer

The Family Stone
Diane Keaton is beginning to bug me. I have a feeling I wouldn't like her in real life. Certainly didn't like her in this. I somewhat enjoyed it though.
RESULT: Mediocre

Fun with Dick and Jane
A little on the dark sardonic side. I'm getting sick of hollywood types airing out their politics and personal feelings in movies. I just want to be entertained. Jim Carrey is funny as usual but I felt this one could have been a little bit funnier.
RESULT: Mediocre


This quirky British film was fun for the whole family. It got a little twisted in the middle and the way they treated the LDS guys was bothersome. Nice story and pretty well pulled off.
RESULT: Entertainer

Cinderella Man
They blew it with the name. This film was awesome. I loved it. I haven't enjoyed an 'underdog' film this much since Seabiscuit. Russell Crowe may be a bad guy with cell phones but he was great in this film. I usually don't enjoy boxing films, boxing being about the stupidest thing man has invented, but I enjoyed this one.
RESULT: Classic

I hope I don't have to wait until Memorial Day for a decent film again. We'll see what pops up in the next few months.