Thursday, October 21, 2004

Giant sucking sound

Michael Moore was in Utah yesterday.
I knew there was something odd in the air as I drove around running errands yesterday. I just couldn't put my finger on it. Now I know what it was. It was this giant Ass Michael Moore. What an idiot. And I really mean that. I'm not saying he doesn't have the right to say what he says. What is scary is all the people that love him and are 'following' him. That gives me chills up my spine.
Disagree with me?
Fine, but hear this. Guess who Michael's travel and speaking companion was?
Roseanne Barr.
Nuf said.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Mormon Cinema

It's been fun the last few years to see the birth of Mormon Cinema. There have literally been dozens of films that more or less appeal only to the Mormon cultural and spiritual world. Some of these films have been fantastic. Such as "Saints and Soldiers." But others have been 'groaners'. Meaning multiple audible groans during the film, by that audience, where there weren't supposed to be groans.
My family and I took in one such film last evening for family night. "Baptists at our Barbecue." It had potential. It had some very funny moments that only Mormons would understand. But, it had too many moments that only small town Utah Mormons would understand and it left the film coming out flat. There is one film coming out this Thanksgiving that looks promising. "The Work and the Glory". It is based on the multiple million seller series by the same name. It is a relatively big budget film as films go in Mormon cinema. We've been invited to the premier so that should be fun. It will be the first premiere I've ever been to. No, it's not Hollywood but it will still be fun!
Of course you can always check out the Clariticity sidebar and see my reviews of these films.

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Breaking News!

A major break in Iraq today. All major news wires are reporting the capture of the two top figures in the "Al cowboya" terrorist organization.
"It took us a long time but we finally caught these two pokes. They have given us nothin but trouble for months now."
Said an unidentified Colonel.
Evidently, the two, named, Mik-al-imgonna-git-ya-sucka, and Kev-im-at-themovies were found holed up in an abandoned building waiting for a big shoot out. Early interrogations revealed little about how they have avoided authorities for so long on the ground in Iraq, but one report says that the only thing the two would say is "The Bolivian courts will never convict us!"