Friday, April 29, 2005


So long, and thanks for all the fish!

I saw "Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy" this morning. There was a pretty geeky crowd there. Made me a little nervous to tell you the truth.
So, somehow I missed out on all the hoopla over the Hitchhiker books etc. back a couple of decades. I think I'm glad I did. This was one weird film.
(Trent, if you're reading this, I now know what it would be like to be inside your brain ;)
But seriously, this 'story', if you can call it that, is a perfect example of what happens when you take drugs and try to write. Correction. This is what happens when you take a LOT of drugs and try to write. There really is no other explanation.
No Trent, I'm not insinuating anything.

It's going to take me weeks to get some of this film out of my mind. Funny thing is that I'm not entirely sure if this is a good thing or a bad thing. Oh well. I laughed and I killed a couple of hours where I literally did not think about anything else going on in my life right now. That's a good thing.

Monday, April 25, 2005

Tiger Vs. Longhorn

The OS wars are on again. Yahoo! I just can't stay quiet. Yeah, I know everyone has an opinion so bring on the flame mail!

Microsoft showed off (again) their new OS today.

What a bunch of cowards. I mean really. NASA builds space shuttles faster than these guys. Pres. Bush conquers terrorist ridden countries faster than these guys, uh, well maybe that's not a good comparison. Anyway, the wars are on again and they're getting fun.

Microsoft says:

OSX Tiger is "a peripheral to the iPod."

Apple says:

Windows Longhorn (referring to MS copying Apple's efforts) "They can’t even copy fast"

Yes, Microsoft is very slow. Which is mind boggling that they are so slow and put out such buggy unimaginative and counterintuitive software. They are getting better however. But a much smaller Apple is beating them to the punch yet again. By the time Longhorn ships it will be 2 years behind Apple's current offering that ships this week. And, as it looks right now it is not even on par with a lot of Apple's technology. Now, to be fair, making Windows is a much much bigger undertaking than what Apple has to deal with. However, that alone can't explain away all the difference. Tiger is much better and was brought to market much faster.
I don't know why the Microsofties are even bothering to comment on Tiger. Linux is a much more severe threat to the Windows OS monopoly than OSX is. If MS were smart (hahahahahaha) they wouldn't even say a thing about Apple and their new OS. Maybe they should even compliment them on their efforts. That couldn't hurt in future antitrust lawsuits ;)
So, welcome to the party Microsoft, uh, 2 years too late. And, congrats Apple on a great OS.
Now a word about Tiger. I can't see a reason to upgrade from my current version. This is a problem, especially when you want me to pony up over a hundred bucks. Forget it. MS is grappling with that issue as well. If they can't build in perceived value into Longhorn to tempt people away from XP it won't fly. At least they have at least 2 more years to do it in.
The best thing Apple could do right now would be to bring out another kick butt 'must have' major release of OSX before Longhorn ships. That would be sweet.

Hello again...

Huh, wah, snort. Oh, I must have dozed off...

sorry for the long delay. Just not into blogging lately.

I just took one of those silly personality tests. Interesting that Einstein was selected. Most people think my Dad looks like Einstein especially first thing in the morning.