Friday, September 30, 2005


I had the pleasure to see the film 'Serenity' today.
First I should say I am glad that I had the opportunity to view a couple of epidsodes of the TV show it is based on, Firefly, before seeing Serenity. Otherwise I would have been lost and probably would not have enjoyed this film. This worries me for people that aren't fans of the TV show that make it to the cineplex to see this film. They may not appreciate it without having the background.
In the film they try to give the viewer some background but in the time allotted and to be able to tell their story they needn't have bothered.
I really enjoyed the soundtrack of this film. That was probably my favorite part. The pseudo western science fiction mix with a touch of asian feeling stirred in makes for a unique experience. One pet peeve I had was the on again off again attempt at western gunslinging dialogue. Either stay in that role or leave it alone. The fickle nature pulled me out of the film too many times and was distracting.
I liked the story, well mostly. I really don't like the Reavers (sp?) element. A little too close to the science fiction genres' crutch of using weird space alien non-human creatures to push a story. The gory bodies and faces bothered me and the predictable end game battle with the reavers was disappointing. Other than that I thought it was witty, funny, intelligent and had a fun cowboy swagger to it.
Oh, and one last thought. I would go see a sequel to this film I liked it that much, but why in the world did they have to kill off two of the best characters?
Oh well, go see it, it's fun!

Thursday, September 29, 2005

Hi Ho Hi Ho

Disney Mix Sticks.
It is an MP3 player that holds 60 songs. Hardly worth it.
Why Disney has decided to get into the electronics market is beyond me. Stick with what you know and what you do well. The most sure path to declining stock price and shrinking revenues is to 'diversify' yourself into oblivion. I don't think this one is going to work. I may be wrong, but it just doesn't have that 'feel' or 'sound' of something that is going to take off.
I think a Disney branded iPod Shuffle would make a lot more sense.


WANTED! Brazen Chicken Thief!
Utah family returns home from family outing Tuesday evening to find their dinner gone.
A whole chicken had been left thawing on the counter when the family left.
The thief somehow through tricks of maneuvering and gymnastics, minus opposable thumbs, managed to reach the middle of the counter and make off with the tasty morsel.
If you see this thief, hide your vittles cuz she's likely to take em right out of yer pocket.

Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Gosh Darn it

I had this article passed on to me and I thought it warranted posting. It's about our language. And, our kids language. Meaning how we talk to each other each day. This article put things in a good perspective. At least to me it did. I felt that I needed to be more careful about how I speak each day. I'm going to try a harder to speak a little more civilized and hope that the example moves my children to do so too.

Kinda cussin'
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Published on: 09/23/05

Your grade-school angel might not cuss. But he may be freakin' close.
The daily lexicon, whether on television, stored in kids' iPods or packed in your soccer carpool, brims with borderline expletives — words some parents find inoffensive and permissible, though others deem crass, rude and unacceptable.
Even if kids aren't full-on saying the f-word — the Queen Mother of dirty words as portrayed in the holiday classic "A Christmas Story" — many have taken to Cussing Lite: All the flavor of full-bodied swearing with half the societal rebukes.
This long, sweeping turn in the grammatical landscape is milder than comedian George Carlin's famous list of seven dirty words that can't be uttered on TV. (Sorry, they can't be printed in the newspaper, either.)
Today, there's not a list, but an entire volume that pushes the envelope of verbal decency.
Culturally speaking, we're light years away from 1953, when writers for "I Love Lucy" couldn't describe Lucille Ball's pregnancy by using the word "pregnancy": It wasn't allowed by TV censors. (Instead, Lucy was "expecting.")
How long ago that's been. Running on television since Aug. 16, a multimillion-dollar ad campaign for Dish Network breezily tells viewers "TV doesn't have to suck." The complementary Web site displays the same unabashed pith:
As a couple entertains dinner guests, objects start flying toward the TV. Olives. Cat toys. The cat. "What's that breeze?" a woman asks from the dinner table. "That's our TV," the man of the house says. "It sucks." "It sucks?" "Well, yeah. Bills. Customer service. It sucks big time." "Gosh, that sucks." "Oh, yeah. It totally sucks."
Dish Network spokesman Mark Cicero said the company has "fielded some calls," but wouldn't break down the feedback into positive and negative.
"We analyzed information gathered from focus groups," Cicero said. "From the feedback we received, the groups did not interpret the ads as vulgar."
For parents trying to keep their kids on the linguistic straight and narrow, the current climate, well, just might blow.
"For the last 40 years, a steady flow of previously verboten words has been making its way out of the gutter and into the mainstream of ordinary speech, vying for social acceptance and at least universal tolerance from the dotty senior set," said James Farrelly, English professor and director of film studies at the University of Dayton in Ohio.
Robert Thompson, past president of the International Popular Culture Association, said when he was a child in the 1960s, saying "crap" would have gotten his mouth washed out.
Fast-forward a generation later. "Holy crap" is a favored expression on the long-running sitcom "Everybody Loves Raymond."
"I have recently heard that word uttered in a second-grade class and in a Presbyterian church — by the teacher and preacher, respectively," said Thompson, a professor at Syracuse University. " 'Sucks,' 'bites' and words like that are currently being absorbed into the vernacular. Thus, their taboo origins are being dissolved."
Gwinnett County fifth-grader Blair LeBlanc has heard and read worse.
Occasionally, the 11-year-old will stumble on mild expletives when she's online doing homework, but drifting a bit off subject.
She hears them in songs or on MTV.
"We use them kind of regularly," LeBlanc said of her and her friends.
Her house in Norcross is something of the neighborhood kid magnet. Friends are over all the time.
"A lot of my guy friends use a lot more slang words and stuff," Blair said. "If we have too much homework, they might say, 'I hate this crap.' "
She cops to speaking her own near-swear.
"Sometimes I'll say 'frickin,' because it's like slang for a worse word. I think it's OK," Blair said. "My mom, she'll let me say it sometimes. But if I say it to her or use it meanly to her or family or friends, she'll be mad."
Blair's mom, 41-year-old Atlanta native Cindy LeBlanc, said she hears substitute curses all the time when she's at Simpson Elementary in Norcross.
"If they can't say full-out cuss words, they think the other word is OK," LeBlanc said. "They don't get disciplined for saying 'sucks' or 'freakin.' "
Growing up, LeBlanc remembers a "fear of God" kept her from swearing in front of her parents.
"If I even back-talked my mother I'd get a bar of wet soap in my mouth," she said. "When I back-talked, it was mild, like not wanting to go to bed at night."
She tries taking borderline words in stride.
"In the scheme of things, it's not cigarettes, and it's not drugs," LeBlanc said. "But it might be one more step closer to cigarettes or drugs or sexual experiences earlier than they should be."
Vulgarity — like other things labeled out of bounds — has long held a coolness factor for kids and cultures. But when the real word is too much, the watered-down one still carries enough panache for the tween and under-10 set.
It's that borderline that fascinates Steve Peha, president of Teaching That Makes Sense, a company in Carrboro, N.C., that offers training and technology support for k-12 schools.
"As with most borders, it is always being pushed," Peha said. "But it gets pushed in an interesting way: from East to West, from urban to suburban and from minority to majority.
Even the milquetoast comic strip "Beetle Bailey" once exuded a mild vexation when Beetle asked what was on television. An annoyed Rocky responded, "What am I? A freakin' TV Guide?"
In Nancy Beggs' house in Roswell, it's not cool to tell someone to "shut up." That's disrespectful. But that's mild when she hears kids talk mildly toxic trash.
Some kids just don't know basic etiquette, she said, which includes proper and polite grammar.
"It's just a different world today," the 46-year-old homemaker said. "They hear it all the time. 'Damn' and 'hell' are no big deal."

Drinks on me

Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson is at it again. A DeseretNews article outlines information that the Mayor is illegally using city money to purchase alcoholic beverages at late night parties. When is this guy going to learn? Time and time again Mayor Anderson is flying in the face of both the law and the culture of the city he governs. Recently, he made huge waves when he, acting individually without council approval, enacted a benefit package for 'partners' of city employees. He advocates the use of marijuana and now he is getting visiting dignitaries drunk because "It is in the taxpayers' interest that these visitors walk away from the city with a good experience and a knowledge that the city has a nightlife," Anderson said.
Nevermind it AGAINST CITY LAW!!! Fine, Mayor, if you disagree with the law and think it is "insane" then do the work to change it. Don't just willy nilly break the law.
Oh, and by the way, if it is so important to you that visitors have a 'great time' and leave the city with a 'good impression' then why don't you foot the bill yourself. I'm sure $400 after a "big event" won't break your bank account.
Oh, and one more thing. Why is it that people have to be enebriated to have a good impression of Salt Lake City?

Tuesday, September 27, 2005


So, last Saturday was my 40th Birthday. Many of you know and were at the old 'surprise the forty year old and see if we can give him a heart attack' party. I suppose being the center of attention and being embarrassed is ok once every 40 years. I am vowing to die the 'morning' of my 80th birthday to avoid the same fate as Saturday.
Seriously though, I really enjoyed it. I loved having a huge percentage of my 'best' friends all in one place. It was sooo good to see all of you and party with you. I needed it. Believe me, after this last year I really needed it. Perfect timing and everything.
It was interesting to look across my Dad's backyard and see all of my friends and family. I am so lucky. It hit me that I have some really really great friends and loved ones. Some great souls. I have no doubt that if my mind were opened to memories of the pre-existence I would see that I have been placed among some of the mighty and great spirits that will ever walk on this earth. I think about that a little and wonder why I have been so lucky. I think Heavenly Father loves me so much that he placed me near all of you so I could learn from you. Learn how to be great.
Thanks for a great birthday. And, thanks for letting me know you. I hope to live to be worthy of it someday.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Happy Happy!

Happy Happy!

If you're sick of all the garbage floating around in our media today, you now have an alternative. is a simple all encompassing place for you to get away from the crap that our liberal media is feeding us. Sure, we have a reality. Reality is there is some bad nasty stuff going on in this world now. However, our mainstream media doesn't seem to understand that you don't have to report on 'just' the 'bad' stuff. Good stuff can be 'sensational' and can 'sell' papers and advertising. Anyway, give it a try.

Thursday, September 22, 2005


So, last night we are getting ready to watch "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" and BREAKING NEWS interrupted. Maybe you saw it or heard about it. A JetBlue jetliner had a little problem with it's nose landing gear. It was rotated 90 degrees. So, after flying around for 3 hours to burn off fuel they were ready to attempt a landing at LAX. Of course our blood thirsty media just had to show us live pictures. Cuz, if the jet burst in to flames and bodies were flying all over the runway they want us to SEE it! Yeah! Anyway, back to the Shelbyism. Shelby was sitting in front of the TV watching this whole thing and as the plane slowed to a safe stop after a beautiful perfect job by the pilot, Shelby jumped up and yelled, "YEAH, we didn't kill anybody!!!"
Don't ya just love her?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Just like heaven

Just when I thought Hollywood had 'completely' gone to Hell in a handbasket. When I thought it was impossible for the Big H to make a decent film that I could actually enjoy without having sex (Wedding Crashers), violence (Lord of War) stupid politics (pick one) and insane racial gobbeldygook (Crash), thrown in my face. I was pleasantly surprised by 'Just Like Heaven'. I really enjoyed it. It was a very nice 2 hour break from the 'real' world. It wasn't realistic. Far from it. It was funny. It was fun. It was nice to see with my wife :). I haven't always loved Reese Witherspoon but I really liked her in this one. And Mark Ruffalo is one of my new favorite leading men. Yes, it was somewhat predictable, but that didn't bother me one bit because I was 'entertained'. Yes, folks I go to the movies to be entertained and to relax. Imagine that.


Leave it to the Japanese. From a country that sells beer from vending machines (hello?) comes a new product called, 'KidsBeer'. Yup, that's right and it's coming to the UK soon and there are rumours that it may be coming stateside soon. It's a real 'cola' tasting product and it comes in brown bottles and it is frothy. The Japanese bottler is shipping nearly 100,000 bottles a month. Check out the Japanese mfg. website here. And, an English article here.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Book Review: 1776

Thanks to Guadspot for lending me my latest and final summer read for 2005. It was a very quick read and I thoroughly enjoyed it much like another McCullough book I read earlier this year, "John Adams".
It is really amazing to me what I have either forgotten or never learned in my elementary or even high school education. So much of the information in this book was new to me even though by all rights I should have known it already. Several of the more famous battles and experiences during 1776 were familiar to me and by reading this book I now have a much deeper understanding of what our forefathers went through.
Even up till the final pages of this book I was wondering to myself, "Self, how in the heck did we ever defeat the British and gain our independence?" Watching, with my mind's eye, as Washington et al went through defeat after defeat and retreat after retreat it is absolutely a miracle that we went on to win the revolutionary war. There is no doubt in my mind after reading about only the first year in this 7 year travail that God was with us and destiny was on our side in defeating British tyranny.
Putting myself in their shoes, even though many of them fought through bitter cold and horrible conditions shoeless, I wonder if I would have not given up after oh, say the 7th or 8th major defeat/retreat in a row starting with the Battle of Brooklyn in mid 1776.
McCullough does an amazing job of putting you in Washington's war council room and out in the field with the continental army. Even putting a great perspective on the brash and arrogance of the British Generals. They had every right to be arrogant about their situation. No one in their right mind would be anything other than arrogant if you had a force so overwhelmingly greater than your opponent. It is clear that God made sure that all of us studying the history of our land would be able to see without doubt that it was by his providential hand that America was brought to pass.
Would to God that we can keep his providential hand active in our trying times. For surely the history books in 200 years will read every bit as much interesting as this book has.

Thursday, September 08, 2005

skinny cougars

My alma mater just got named the 'fittest school in the nation'. Using data from the Princeton review and other data gathered at universities around the country the list came up with BYU being the most fit university in the US. I guess that is some consolation when our football and basketball teams are blowing major chunks the last three years.
Who are the 'fattest' schools in the US?
1. University of Louisiana
2. University of New Orleans
3. Mississippi State University
Hmmm. I could make some really crude mean cruel joke about this right now and I'm sure this is just a coincidence, but...

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

naploeon loves cows

Napoleon Dynamite lovers take note. The Utah State Fair has managed to get Napoleon and sidekick Pedro to do their TV and Radio ads for this months fair. Click on the pic above to see one of the TV ads and go to this link and click on "Napoleon's Sweet Ads" on the left sidebar to see and hear all the others. They are hilarious. Have fun!


Finally, a take on the disaster in New Orleans that actually makes sense. After a week of pure dribble from our left leaning yahoo liberal media trying to make a natural disaster the fault of the sitting Republican president, here is an article that puts things in a more 'perfect' perspective. I'm not in the habit of re-posting what others have already posted but this is important and I think everyone should read it. Even if it is just another perspective than what we are getting from CNN.An Unnatural Disaster by: Robert Tracinski

Thanks to Hockeyguy for posting this.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


Shelby and I took a trip to the cineplex on Labor Day afternoon and took in the surprisingly good,"March of the Penguins".
While it was at times a little too complex for Shelby she caught on to an amazing amount of the story. I enjoyed it from start to finish and especially enjoyed the narration by Morgan Freeman. The music was very soothing and helped bring out the beauty of Antartica, somehow adding depth to an otherwise basically black and white world.
Watching this film reminds me that there is ever so much going on on this planet that I don't understand or have ever heard about. If there is a down side to this film it is that they didn't answer enough questions about these funky little creatures in tuxedos. Now I am going to have to go off and do some research of my own to fill in the blanks. I'd like to say I'm going to the South Pole to do this research but me and 80 degrees below zero definitely do not get along.

Not gonna do it

I'm not gonna do it. I'm not gonna blog about the fact that Gilligan is dead.
I'm gonna resist the temptation that everyone and their dog is facing in blog land. So, instead of not blogging about one of the most lovable yet goofy characters on TV dying, I'm also not gonna blog about New Orleans. Oops, well I alreay did that. Oh well.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Note to self

If you live in a city that is 10-20 feet below sea level and is surrounded by water and you are told a big ass hurricane is aimed straight at you.