Tuesday, November 29, 2005


I may be arriving a little slow to the party with this realization. I just figured something out today. I've been watching all the hoopla over Microsoft's newest version of the trojan horse, the Xbox 360, and until today I had never asked myself what the '360' was all about.
I finally figured it out today. Go ahead, call me slow and stupid.
My answer. You see the 360 is Xbox version 2. Sony is just about to release it's 'third' version of the Playstation. M$ didn't want to be one number behind going head to head with Sony. So in a logic that only really makes sense to the yahoos at Microsoft marketing, by putting a '3' in the name of Xbox version 2, the 'perception' by the consumer will be that both Playstation3 and Xbox 360 are in the same generation. Aside from looking at technical details, which is what really matters by the way, these boxes really aren't in the same generation. Sony has a jump on M$. Only time will tell if the M$ 'logic' and billions will dethrone Sony.
Now, I can go back to not caring.

How swede it is

YES! Ikea is coming to Utah! It may seem silly to get excited over a furniture store, but those of you who have been to one know what I'm talking about. Maybe we're finally growing up a little. Now, for our next trick, everyone chant, CHEESECAKE FACTORY CHEESECAKE FACTORY CHEESECAKE FACTORY!

Monday, November 28, 2005

Something to get behind

Now HERE is something to get behind. Something to write your congressman about. You'll have to read the article for details but basically someone has finally come up with a 'workable' way to channel internet p0rn content into it's own haven and make it basically impossible to 'stumble' across like we take the very real risk of doing now. This is NOT censorship. It puts p0rn0graphic material in it's own area where people can 'opt in' or 'opt out' as they choose. It is not filtering which is the only way to get around it now and we all know how well filtering works. I am fully behind this. It's free and it's easy. The only problem is that to get it to work 100% correctly it must be legislated. This will not happen on it's own.

The Hills are alive...

...with the sound of ???. Let me 'splain. Julie Andrews of 'Sound of Music' fame was asked today who she would have play the part of Maria if the movie were ever remade. She said, Cameron Diaz. OMG, wouldn't that be interesting? The 'Something About Mary' and 'Charlies Angels' star belting out, "The hills are alive with the sound of music!" I would be amazed if anyone could actually take her seriously. It could end up being a very very different movie than the first. What could Julie Andrews be thinking? Can Cameron even sing? I doubt it. Does anyone care if she can sing? I doubt that even more.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Dumbledore isn't dead

!!!Harry Potter book 6 Spoilers!!!

If like me, when reading HP and the Half Blood Prince, you thought Dumbledore's death was more than met the eye. Then, you will find this web site interesting. Dumbledoreisnotdead.com. Very thorough and interesting to read. I'm still not sure how sure I am. JK Rowlings writing is somewhat random sometimes so trying to figure out some big 'riddle' may just be a joke on you. For, there may be no riddle there to be found and maybe even none intended.

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Fly like an eagle

There is an Eagle among us. An Eagle Scout.
After all the hard work, blood, sweat, tears and getting hit by a car, KJ has received his Eagle Scout advancement.
In a wonderful court of honor last Sunday we saw the culmination of many years of hard work by a very determined, mature young man. It was a great evening and we only wished more of our family and friends could have been there to share it. There are some people in KJ's life that helped to shape him into this 'Eagle' that weren't able to be there because of distance but they were sorely missed. I'm sure KJ would love to have shared the evening with them as well.

Saturday, November 12, 2005


I have to gloat a little. When your high school football team makes the state championship game and does it by beating a rival it's a big deal even when you're over 40 years old. So, take that Alta! YEAH! This may be the last you hear of this cuz next week in the championship game my alma mater Brighton plays another old nemesis, Skyline. Good luck Bengals.

Friday, November 11, 2005

You blew it!

According to Pat Robertson the people of Dover PA just pissed off God. They voted out all of their school board members who had recently tried to introduce 'intelligent design' to be taught along side evolution in the cities high schools.
Now, let me first say that I think Pat is a little off of his nut. I don't agree with the way he says and does things.
However, I do agree in principle with some of what he says. Everyone, or at least 69% of you out there, are up in arms over what he has said and think he is an idiot. But really, let's look at what he said. "...they had rejected God by voting their school board out of office for supporting intelligent design." He said more and made threats which I don't agree with but bottom line, isn't what he said true? A vote against teaching that God created the earth and everything on it is voting against God. How else can you interpret that? If evolution is taught and believed by some but not all then why can't ID be taught as well when there are a lot of people that believe that way?

Thursday, November 10, 2005

conspiracy theory

I hadn't heard anything about this until I read this article this morning.
The theory is that it wasn't the planes hitting the World Trade Center Towers that caused them to collapse. It was supposedly bombs that had been planted beforehand. The planes were a 'distraction'.
Ohhhhhkaaaaaay, now that I'm done laughing, this is the biggest bunch of hogwash I've seen in quite awhile (politics aside).
Part of the theory is that fire alone couldn't bring down these buildings. Hello? Did you watch the same live images I did on the morning of 9/11? 2 huge jetliners slammed into the middle of these buildings and there was a huge explosion each time. Looked an awful lot like a bomb going off to me.
This is where scientists really annoy me. Scientists are not very good historians. If they took the time to look 'back' and see that time and time again the currently held belief about any scientific principle, pick one, has changed and been reset, then maybe they wouldn't be so blinded and focused on what they 'currently' believe that the idea that they could be WRONG seems to escape them. In this case maybe these yahoo scientists are wrong about what it takes to collapse a building. Here is an example. Take this quote from the article, "No steel-frame building, before or after the WTC buildings, has ever collapsed due to fire. But explosives can effectively sever steel columns." Hmmm, well lets look at a comparison. Lets look at all of the other steel and glass skyscrapers that have been hit by jetliners. Oh, what? There aren't any others? Well then how do you know that a jetliner hitting a building couldn't bring it down? And, it just goes on from there. I'm embarrassed that this 'theory' is being perpetrated by a 'scientist' from my alma mater.
Read the article, it will give you a good laugh.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

All in the family

Pictures added for November to All in the Family

Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Popping Socks

A new idea in socks. Cover your toes with socks made from corn. That's right, corn. No, not 'corns', your feet may already have those. They cost 20% more than traditional socks and go on sale in Japan in the next few months.
I'm not so sure this is such a great idea. 'Creating' new markets for your agricultural products can only go so far. The US corn industry is pushing this idea.
So, what's next, iPod's made from Apples?

Friday, November 04, 2005


I've discovered it! I've discovered actual real live kryptonite. You know the stuff that robs Superman of all his powers and turns him into a bluthering idiot. I found it!

It's called Nickelodeon. It has other names too, like The Disney Channel and The Toon network. I've now seen first hand how the programming on these networks can turn a grown man into a bluthering idiot. Oh, and it can turn a child into a zombieized grumpy nothing right in front of your eyes.
Shelby had surgery on her knee a couple of days ago. She is doing great by the way. But, she is laid up and can't walk for a few days. So...we turn on the tv...and WHAMO we start watching 'Fairly Odd Parents' and 'Sponge Bob Square Pants'. After two days of this I am so thouroughly disgusted that I really don't know what to do. I cannot believe this crap they make ON PURPOSE! There are teams of adults, highly paid professionals responsible for purposely making this stuff. I am offended, disgusted and beyond nauseous.
Now, I don't know where they make this crap, but my guess is it is near if not in Hollywood. Because it so closely resembles the evil soul sucking garbage that the film industry is perpetrating on the world.
Ack, petooey, thhhhhhpppp, I can't get this bad taste out of my mouth. My next task is to pry my daughter away from the vortex of doom that has sucked her in and will not let go. Yup, it's just like kryptonite.

Thursday, November 03, 2005


Introducing Miss Hermione Granger, aka Shelby.