Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Seriously? IE8?

Something must be in the water up Redmond, WA way. I think Microsoft has 'jumped the shark'. Below is just one of their new ads for Internet Explorer 8. Wow. I am at a loss for words. I feel really really sorry for Dean Cain. Would someone please give him a real job so he doesn't have to stoop this low again.
Click the 'Redmond' link above to see the other horrific ads. O.M.G.I.G.P just watching these ads.

There, I Fixed it

I found this blog recently. It is hilarious. There, I Fixed it.

This post made me laugh out loud today.

Fire Alarm

Kewl Song

I am mostly posting this here so I have a place to go back and listen easily.
Also, just to share a kewl song. I love Jon Schmidt. He is a local Utah talent that I and my family have met and seen in concert several times. Love his music and his passion. Enjoy!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Minority Report is NOW

Check THIS out!

Remember the "touch screen wall" that Tom Cruise used in the film "Minority Report?" Well, this type of tech is starting to show up in real usage around the world. I find this fascinating and can't wait to actually walk up to something like this someday and interact with it. Heck, if I were wealthy (yah, I know wealth is relative) enough to afford it I would put something like this in my home. This could replace the magnetic white board calendar/cork board we have in our kitchen right now.
Very cool!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Top 20

I just wanted to shout from the rooftops that I have made a world-wide Top 20 list! I'm famous. My name, "Kevin" is the 19th most used first name on Facebook. I'm sure it's because of all the times I have updated my status ;)

(note: I do share this distinction with 385,464 other Kevin's however)

Monday, June 22, 2009

Cute Callie

I took the opportunity to grab a little video of my newest niece Callie at our Father's Day dinner last night. She is so sweet and lovable.

Fathers Day Dinner - Video

I thought I'd share a little of our Father's Day fun at Raq's place with a little video!

Father's Day Card

I got this card for Father's Day yesterday from my dear wife.
It was so funny I just had to share it.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009


I didn't hear about THIS until today. Evidently PBS has been working to enforce a longstanding rule against religious programming over the last year. This is coming up now supposedly due to the analog to digital transition that just completed last Friday June 12th. According to the article (link above) the stations that already broadcast religious programming have been give a reprieve. Which includes all of 4 stations nationwide. All other PBS affiliates are now banned from any religious programming.
So, evidently the PBS organization that regularly teams up with and broadcasts content from extreme leftist NPR (National Public Radio) has now decided to get militant on religious programming. This is unfortunate. An organization that supports programming that has historically covered the gamut of American culture and society has now closed itself off from a major piece of what makes America what it is at it's core.
So, in my opinion, now begins the long slow decline of PBS into the ether. It will begin to fail at an even quicker pace than it already has been. You'll know this is true when sometime in the next 4 years you hear a news story about how King Barack Obama announces a bail out of PBS. With your tax money.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Black and White and RED all over

Saw this today. It was hilarious. I believe we are living through a major transition not unlike the industrial revolution. Newspapers are literally disappearing before our eyes. The way we get information is changing almost daily it seems. Check out this little tongue in cheek Daily Show snippet that goes inside the New York Times. Some of the questions were funny and profound at the same time. I loved how the NYT guys literally had no answer to some of the questions.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A New Graduate

It's official.
I'm old.

Check out this vid of the manchild walking for his high school diploma last week.

Kudos to those who came out to support him. Dad, Nana Berni & Grandpa Lee and Mr.Guad.

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Makin it look easy

Referring to the keynote from Apple's WWDC yesterday,
this article by Steve Gillmor on TechCrunch puts it better than I could ever have come up with.

Here's a snippet:

Apple’s rigorous march forward and its deep understanding of what the market will want next is not only keeping them ahead of the competition but building the markets they will own tomorrow. They’re like Willie Mays and the basket catch, making the hard stuff look easy.

Real Time iPhone App Store purchases

Check out this video from Apple's World Wide Developers Conference (WWDC) being held this week in San Francisco.
It is a representation of the 50,000 apps in the iPhone app store and the pulses are the apps being purchased. Very cool :)

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Palm Pre - Not So Much

Let me begin by saying I have not actually touched and played with one of these phones. Maybe that would change my opinion. I'll write again once I've had a chance to touch and use one.
All of the Palm Pre reviews came out today. They are mostly positive. One of the best was on Engadget. It was in depth and fair. I read several reviews as to not be slanted by one reviewer in my early opinions. I have been very curious about this offering from Palm since they announced it over 6 months ago.
We have had and used Palm devices in our home. They were the best things available at the time. I agonized about biting the bullet and spending money for one of my own. I never did. None of the models I tried ever really hit the sweet spot of my expectations for a personal device. Once the line between PDA and Mobile Phones started to blur my curiosity started picking up again and I was hopeful that a device would surface that I could be happy with. As many of you know that did happen for me. It was in the form of Apple's iPhone. Although far from perfect especially in it's first version it was very usable and to be honest life changing for me. It changed how I live my life. I have gripes and complaints and even had to use the warranty on my first model after almost a year due to a screen defect that popped up.
I have watched with interest as one "iPhone Killer" after another has come and gone from almost every handset maker on the planet. None have measured up, not even close. The initial info from Palm was good and seemed like maybe this could finally be some competition for Apple. It is. Competition is a good thing. It will make Apple innovate faster and work harder and hopefully not let them get complacent with a wildly successful market changing device.
However, today after reading reviews and watching videos of the device being used by real people I don't think they quite hit it out of the park. I think it will be successful. Time will tell if it will be successful enough to save Palm. Maybe. What it will do is finally put the Windows Mobile pieces of shit out of our misery. They should just go away now. Thanks for playing yet again Microsoft. The Pre is good and will undoubtedly get better if they are allowed years of time to iterate. The single largest thing their success hinges on at this point is their ability to get an app store and a library of apps that even comes close to what Apple has done. They are off to a stumbling start already on this point. The Pre launches on Saturday June 6th and they do not even have the developers SDK ready to release and probably won't for months. This could kill them. Yes, Apple was a year before they released their SDK but the difference is they had no competition at the time. Palm does not have that luxury. Everyone has an app store for their smartphones up and running now. They are launching this phone with 12 apps. Yikes. The comparison to the 40k apps in the iTunes app store is staggering.
So, here is the meat of what I think about the phone. The UI is beautiful. Very much an Apple-like experience and it gets directly compared that way in EVERY review. So, this is not just me saying this. There are parts of the UI where it seems like the Palm engineers were trying to be too clever for their own good in trying to differentiate and 'outdo' Apple. This just makes the UI cluttered and clunky. I watched probably an hour and a half of demo video and I am now thoroughly confused about how to use this phone. Palm even admits that there is a learning curve. Doh! Wow, you will never hear Apple say that about any device they produce. The "learning curve" on the iPhone is picking it up and turning it on. I have handed my phone to several decidedly non-techie people and they instinctively know how to do things. It's just dead simple. The Pre cannot be labeled this way. There are fast swipes and slow swipes and there are on screen gestures and a special off screen gesture area. WTF? Are you kidding me? It seems like the biggest item that reviewers and Palm are touting is the ability of the phone to have more than one app running at once. Well, in practice this falls down fast. If you watch an iPhone user and a Pre user you will think they have the same feature in this area. Technically, right now, the iphone's apps aren't running concurrently but they launch so fast that you can't tell the diff between 'switching' apps on the Pre and launching apps on the iPhone. Pre apps take up to 10 seconds to launch according to every reviewer. Wow, I cannot imagine tolerating that on my iPhone. The occasional large game may take that much time to load up on the iPhone.
I watched the cut and paste demo on one of the videos and had to laugh. The reviewer had to actually put the Pre down on a table in order to complete the multi finger key presses necessary to complete a copy and paste. I haven't actually seen how iPhone will implement this feature but the Pre implementation looks crazy to me. There is a special orange button on the keyboard that must be slid out to perform this feature. Although there are menu items for cut/copy/paste but the reviewers showed the menu items in an app that had no text to cut and paste. Hmm? That was odd. Again, even after watching all this demo it isn't clear in my head how to use this thing.
Next, something else I noticed on the videos that I cannot be sure of until I actually use one. The Pre uses a "deck of cards" metaphor for app switching by placing a box with the app or browser windows on screen that you can flip through. Problem. These cards are small and hard to see on the already smaller than iPhone Pre screen. That could be really annoying if I am constantly holding the phone right up to my face so I can see anything. Also, with the smaller screen and many of the little "audio players" and "event notifiers" etc. that come up on the Pre I'm not sure my fat fingers could hit such small targets. It's already hard enough on my iPhone and it looks like the Pre is expecting tiny little fingers to be using their phone. That would be a DEAL BREAKER for me. Throw the phone down in disgust and never come back. It can look great and even be clever and innovative but if I can't see it and can't USE it then it's a no go. We'll see how it performs when I can touch one.
I had some other thoughts but I'm already going long here. In summary I think the Pre is a worthy competitor but it looks like Palm cut some corners in the hardware components and tried too hard to be different and clever. They overshot the mark a bit I'm afraid and my guess is this phone will be a distant 3rd or 4th to the iPhone/BlackBerry/Android crowd at least for their version 1 offering. If they last another year and can put out a version 2 we'll see how much better it is. Of course by then their competitors will be on versions 3 and 4 and 5 etc.

Conan the unfunny man

I'm pretty sure I've posted something similar to this before in years past. It's time to talk about it again.
With Conan O'Brien taking over for Jay Leno on NBC's late night Tonight Show this week I have yet another opportunity to spout off about how NOT funny this guy is.
Sheesh. Seriously. Jay Leno is a hack and I rarely if ever tuned him in because I couldn't stand him but now it's been made even worse. Yah, I know everyone has their own tastes and opinions. However, I cannot comprehend how ANYONE can think Conan is funny. This guy is a dumb ass. He laughs at himself like he's the funniest guy on the planet. His ego could not be any larger than it is. I watched his entire first Tonight Show episode and my mouth was agape the whole time. In shock at how stoooopid it was. My 18 year old son sat next to me and kept looking at me as if to say, "what is this guys problem?" I asked him if he thought Conan was funny and he laughed out loud and said, "this is really stupid." Thank You. I trained him well. To think for himself and tell it like it is.
I was going to give examples from this first show but I'm not going to because it would make me pick up this keyboard and throw it through the FREAKING WINDOW BEFORE I COULD FINISH TYPING ANYTHING!!!!! Gah! What an ass monkey this guy is.