Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Turkey Day?

Happy Turkey Day?
Everyone is posting about it and I feel left out. However, I'm wondering why everyone is spouting off about food and fowl and even Christmas. Christmas? Turkey is a decidedly non-Christian country. 99% muslim. What in the world would Christmas have to do with Turkey day?
Hey, I'm all for supporting the cultures of other countries and if it means we get together and eat a ton of food then I think that is awesome. But what about all the other countries? Why don't we celebrate Ireland day or Zimbabwe day? I'm not going to complain too loud because I love the Turkey national dessert, Pumpkin pie. Those turks are awesome! Happy Turkey Day!
Yurtta Sulh, Cihanda Sulh
(Peace at Home, Peace in the World)

Monday, November 24, 2008

Time for Lights!

KJ and I put up the obligatory Christmas lights last week. I thought you might all enjoy a video of our experience ;)

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Nice Saturday Lunch

We decided to check out a new spot in downtown Provo for lunch this autumn Saturday. Guru's is an eclectic spot on Center street in Provo Utah.
Check out these pics:

Guru's Cafe, Center Street, Provo Utah

Guru's carries sodas from the Jackson Hole Soda Company They had this very nice Huckleberry soda. Don't know how we missed this when we were hanging out in Jackson Hole this summer.

Here is Shelby enjoying a cheesy quesadilla!

Michelle hates having her picture taken when she is eating.

I enjoyed the Steak and Bleu cheese wrap. Yummy!

The 'piece de resistance', Sweet Potato Fries. Out of this world Yummy! I recommend stopping by Guru's just for these yummies.

No Hard Feelings

No Hard Feelings.
The election day is over,
The talking is done.
My party lost,
Your party won.

So let us be friends,
Let arguments pass.
I'll hug my elephant,
You kiss your ass.

Thanks to 'blogless Dad' for the poem.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Conspiracy Theory - Gas Prices

Anyone else out there suspicious of gas prices lately? I got to thinking about it and went out to check the data.
Sure enough, the last time gas was this cheap was 4 years ago.
My conspiracy theory for what it is worth is that the liberal/democraps/Obamaites were so upset that Bush got re-elected that they came up with this brilliant strategy. Force oil prices gradually higher over the next four years. Make it just painful enough that they could easily elect anyone they threw in the ring. The people would vote for him/her just to have the chance at a "change" from the last 4 years. High gas prices etc. They could even through an ultra-liberal, African American with zero experience in for the nomination. They had to make it look good so they did this over 4 years and then had a woman run against their pick and barely lose. They didn't want anybody to ask questions if they made it look too easy.
And, the final kicker to this theory? One of the largest centers for trading in Oil futures? The Chicago Board of Trade. Obama's home town.
So, yah, now the election is over, gas prices drop precipitously. Guess who is going to claim responsibility for this? Just watch.

Monday, November 17, 2008

YES on Prop 8

I've been pretty quiet lately. The reason is that everything I have wanted to say recently falls directly in the "controversial bucket" of Current Events. I have felt it better to say nothing rather than to say something and possibly regret it later. Those of you who know me know that I am a passionate person and I can come across strong at times. Well, maybe all the time.
There is one topic that has been in the "controversy bucket" lately that I feel strongly about and just cannot keep quiet about it any longer. You can tell easily from the title of this post where I am going.
Rather than type a big long diatribe and possibly say things that would offend or otherwise make me regret posting I am going to link to a statement that perfectly expresses my feelings and beliefs.
It is titled, "The Divine Institution of Marriage" and was written and published by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I am a member of this church. I hope you take the time to read it.

The Divine Institution of Marriage